"Special Glow" Labradorite Earrings, Dangle 1.75 Inches

By Style ARThouse

$ 24.95
Labradorite is one of my favorite gemstones.  It is a type of feldspar, found originally in Labrador, as you might have guessed!  The parallel arrangement of its molecules causes it to act like a diffraction grating, and disperse light in such a way as to produce irridescence, or what they call "labradorescence".  (You have seen this effect on the surface of a compact disc).  These beautiful AAA labradorite stones are topped with a little collar and simulated pearl.  French wires are either silver-plated stainless steel or 925 sterling silver: your choice.  The labradorite stone is 0.6 inches wide (15mm).
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