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Flowers and Leaves

Flowers and Leaves

One of the all-time favorite subjects for art, and jewelry-making, is the flower motif.  Flowers must be the most beautiful creation in all of nature, and artists like myself have always loved to paint them because of the opportunity to use incredible color! 

Many of our jewelry items here are made from glass or polymer clay that has a "millefiori" pattern embedded in it.  Millefiori is Italian for "a thousand flowers" and is an age-old technique of working with glass rods that are heated and drawn out to form patterns when cut in cross-section.  Millefiori beads were even made in Roman times, and resemble the beads still made in Europe today.

Polymer clay or "Fimo" is a type of plastic clay now used to make a large range of beads.  It is a remarkable product, and we love the interesting beads available made from polymer clay.  They are versatile, long-lasting, and fun to wear!